NameFacultyDepartmentDesignationQualificationEmail Id
Dr. Abha Singh Arts and HumanitiesPolitical ScienceAssociate Professor Ph.D.[email protected]
Miss. Anita Arts and HumanitiesSociologyAssistant ProfessorNET-JRF[email protected]
Dr. Anita SinghArts and HumanitiesHistoryProfessorPh.D.[email protected]
Mr. Arvind SinghArts and HumanitiesHistoryAssistant ProfessorNET[email protected]
Dr. Asha RaniArts and HumanitiesHistoryProfessor & HeadPh.D.[email protected]
Dr Babli ArunArts and HumanitiesMusicAssistant Professor & HeadPh.D.[email protected]
Mrs. Bhavna YadavArts and HumanitiesEconomicsAssistant Professor & HeadNET[email protected]
Mrs. Deepankshi Singh Arts and Humanities Geography Assistant Professor JRF-NET[email protected]
Dr. DheerajArts and HumanitiesPhysical EducationAssistant Professor & HeadPh.D.[email protected]
Dr. Harindra KumarArts and HumanitiesSociologyAssistant ProfessorPh.D.[email protected]
Mr. Kanak KumarArts and HumanitiesGeographyAssistant ProfessorM.Phil. NET[email protected]
Dr. Kishor KumarArts and HumanitiesHistoryProfessorNET, Ph.D.[email protected]
Mrs. Madhuri PalArts and HumanitiesHome ScienceAssistant ProfessorNET[email protected]
Dr. Mamata UpadhyayArts and HumanitiesPolitical ScienceProfessor & HeadPh.d.[email protected]
Dr. Meenakshi LohaniArts and HumanitiesGeographyAssistant Professor & HeadNET-JRF, Ph.D.[email protected]
Dr. Nidhi RaizadaArts and HumanitiesHistoryProfessorPh.D.[email protected]
Mrs. Nisha YadavArts and HumanitiesGeographyAssistant ProfessorNET[email protected]
Mrs. PawanArts and HumanitiesEconomicsAssistant ProfessorNET[email protected]
Dr. Ranjana UpadhyayArts and HumanitiesPolitical ScienceAssistant ProfessorM.Phil, Ph.D.[email protected]
Dr. Satyant KumarArts and HumanitiesPhysical EducationAssistant ProfessorPh.D.[email protected]
Dr. SeemaArts and HumanitiesPolitical ScienceAssistant ProfessorPh.D.[email protected] 
Mrs. Shalini TiwariArts and HumanitiesDrawing and PaintingAssistant Professor & HeadNET-JRF[email protected]
Shikha Rani Arts and Humanities SanskritAssistant Professor NET-JRF [email protected]
Mrs. ShilpiArts and HumanitiesHome ScienceAssistant ProfessorNET[email protected]
Dr. Shivani VermaArts and HumanitiesHome ScienceProfessor & HeadPh.D.[email protected]
Dr Sonam SharmaArts and HumanitiesEducationAssistant Professor & HeadPh.D.[email protected]
Dr. SushilaArts and HumanitiesSociologyAssistant Professor & HeadPh.D.[email protected]
Dr Vineeta SinghArts and HumanitiesSociologyAssistant ProfessorPh.D.[email protected]