YearTitle of BookDownload link
2021-22Quality Enhancement in the Indian Education SystemClick to download
2019-20Ancient wisdom, Civilization, Antiquities and the Contemporary universe.Click to download
2019-20 प्राच्यज्ञान, सभ्यतागत पुरावशेष एवं समकालीन विश्वClick to download


DateTitle of conference/Seminar ProceedingDownload Issue
2018-19 Information Explosion and the 21st Century Youth Download Link
2017-18Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture and Social Values Download Link
2015-16 Swami Vivekanada- The Voice of Resurgent India Download Link
2015-16Relevance of Vivekananda’s thoughts in today’s perspectiveDownload Link
2015-16Role of education in the protection of women safety and dignity Download Link
2014-15Role of Education in Environment Protection and ConservationDownload Link