KMGGPGC have various committees for the overall development of college and all work are done in college through committee to ensure transparency.

Download list of 2020-21

Antiaging UGC NAAC IQAC Purchase Website Departmental Council
& Biometric
Sports Alumni Association Parent Teacher College development & Beatification Pay fixation & Income Tax Syllabus improvement
Press and Social Media RTI RUSA UGC ICT NSS NCC
Rangers Time Table College Magazine Photography Employment and carrier counseling Wall Magazine Research and Research Project
Remedial Eco-restoration and Green Audit Electric Management Drinking Water Management Daily Wedge and Fee structure Holiday & Academic Colander Computer Lab & EDUSET
Scholarship Result Internal Exam Collaboration UGC E-governess Campus Cleaning Wi-Fi & Internet
Student Common Room Extension Lecture series Completive Exam First Aid Reading room Library