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Dr. Dinesh C SharmaDNA SequencingDr. Azmi NaqviApoptosis and Necrosis
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaSanger sequencing method of DNADr. Azmi NaqviMechanism of Apoptosis
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaDNA sequencing- Maxam- Gilbert sequencingDr. Azmi NaqviProtein Structure and function
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaCloning
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaBacteriophage- types, structure and morphology of t4 phage, morphogenesis
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaOperon Modal of Gene Regulation
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaOperon Modal of Gene Regulation1
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaOrganization and expression of immunoglobulin genes
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaImmunoglobulin Gene Structure
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaTheories of embryonic development
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaBiological Rhythms
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaPheromone
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaTeratology
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaPlacenta structure and Classification
Dr. Dinesh C SharmaEugenics, Euthenics & Euphenics
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Why mental selected Pea plant Not animal for his experiment-Hindi
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Why mental selected Pea plant Not animal for his experiment-English
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Digital Slides
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Wildlife of India
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Endocrinology and endocrine glands
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma ECG Rhythm Interpretation
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Cellular Respiration
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma TRANSPORT OF O2 & CO
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Sex determination and Sex Chromosomes
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Apiculture /Beekeeping
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Phylum-Porifera
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma VACCINES
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Principles of Vaccination
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Metagenesis
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Phylum-Coelenterata: The Obelia
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Lac Culture & Lac Cultivation
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Coelenterata
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Climate change by Global warming and its impact on Agriculture
Dr. Dinesh C Sharma Computer Basics

Notes of Dr. Dinesh C. Sharma (Click the link to download)

Amphibia Classification
Blood buffer
Blood coagulation
Blood Pressure
Cellular Respiration
Chromosome map
Energy conduction and release
Muscle types
Pearl formation
Protease and their working
Respiratory Pigments
Sex Determination
Transport of gases
Urea Cycle
Z-DNA and B-DNA difference