जल और  वृक्ष बचना है, तो शिक्षा को कागज़ विहीन बनाना है। Paperless education to save water and tree.

An Innovative pedagogy initiative by Dr. Dinesh C. Sharma

First time in the history of the traditional education system of India KMGGPGC introduce a paperless class in M.Sc. Zoology (by Dr. Dinesh C. Sharma) as a pilot project. Students prepare their practical file, Notes, Assignments digitally and give internal exams digitally in their handwriting. Attained online classes during vacations and participate in online tests.

All the students are provided Apple iPad with iPencil, so they can easily write and note class work (to overcome the main objection of eEducation opponents that students lose their handwriting and become typist).

Now all the M.Sc. students write down everything on their Apple iPad with iPencil. They also prepare assignment, project and practical records on iPad and send to their teacher by email. Teacher evaluates them on their iPad with the help of iPencil and returned them to students on their mail with remark and marking. Dept also started an internal exam on digital exam copy and soft copy of exam paper is display on students iPad as exam started.

Dept has more than 1000 eBooks of renowned authors on various topic of Zoology. They are share to student’s iPad time to time.

All the students of M.Sc. provided separate login ID, password to acess the digital library (INFLIBNET and DELNET)

College is also approached to affiliating C.C. University, Meerut for the permission digital external exam and digital form of exam paper. The details can be downloaded below-

  • Download Internal Exam copy (Evaluated)


23 Mar 19
1 May 19
2 May 19
4 May 19
6 May 19
AsthaH-2063 H-2062H-2063 H-2064H-2065


H-2063 H-2062H-2063H-2064H-2065


H-2063 H-2062 H-2063H-2064H-2065




SanjnaH-2063H-2062 H-2063H-2064H-2065
Vashali H-2063H-2062H-2063H-2064H-2065
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Astha Yadav

Enzyme&Enzyme Kinetics

Control of Muscle Tone

Astha Yadav

Haemopoiesis-1 Haemopoiesis-2

Astha Yadav

Probability-1 Probability-2





Comparative Anatomy of Heart


Metabolism of Nucleotide

Preeti Bhati


Nikta Sharma


Sanjna Singh


Geeta Pal


M.Sc.-II Batch (2019) IPad and iPencil Distribution

Benefits of Paperless, Eco-friendly digital class

  • Save tree and Save water by no paper use
  • As a matter of fact, during the production of 1 A4 size (75gsm) paper 2 Lt of water consumed during processing, One student of graduation use paper equal to 1 oak tree in three years and maybe more. Imagine if one student just uses 40 notebook of 200 pages (8000page) and 10 books of 400 page (4000 page) in one year. He will consume 25000Lt water and 1 tree, As per MHRD website 3.50 crore (3.5/3 years=1.2) students are studying in higher education, Mean that they are consuming 1.20 crore oak tree and 25000×1.2 crore Lt water/year 
  • 1 A4 size paper require 2Lt water in processing
  • BSc student consume 1 Oak tree as paper for book and note book during 3 year of graduation
  • Save environment from harmful Lead (used in ink)
  • Minimize the weight of their bags
  • All books, notes, practical records are in one iPad
  • Sharing class to overcome faculty crunch and learning for experts of their fields
  • 24×7 Education- ant time, anywhere, at any age
  • Transparency in education
  • IT trained students without extra training, (Practice make man perfect)
  • Knowledge sharing on digital platform
  • Expert knowledge by sharing faculty online
  • In future student can join virtual class (no of students increase every year with increasing population, but the land and other recourse’s are limited, So virtual class is the only option to cater all students in limited infrastructure) 
  • Virtual lab – students can repeated practical any time without using harmful chemicals
  • Virtual dissection- No harm to animal life
  • Examination
  • Transparent
  • Question paper and answer sheet distributed on click
  • No transportation required
  • Answer sheet send to examiner as exam complete by a click
  • Examiner evaluate sheet digitally and as the submit the sheet goes to student and marks updated in mark sheet automatically.

No delay in results, Students can see their marks with evaluation.